Great Mockups?

If you’ve developed a new product line or need updated packaging mockups to pitch to retail buyers, you will need agency quality packaging in the blink of an eye. Many packaging companies claim they can produce high quality packaging in a quick amount of time, but many fall short.

Quality, quick turn packaging can be the difference between success and failure. Having a retail packaging partner, you can trust isn’t optional when it comes to your company’s bottom line, its mandatory. An excellence product packaged inadequately and not by the requested due date is unlikely to impress the buyers you need to reach. And if by some chance, you do manage to acquire shelf space at a few big box retailers, you won’t influence targeted consumers if your packaging is unpleasant or awkward.

Your Solution: Designstein’s Packaging Mockups

The solution to your packaging dilemma is simple: trust the experts in big ideas. To find the right packaging design for your brand, our team of industry experts will discuss your product with you, hear your vision for it, decide what type of material your product should be showcased in then create one or more packaging mockups to meet your needs.

The end goal of the prototyping process is to have tangible mockups. Having high quality, quick turn, to scale packaging mockups have several benefits such as sampling or demoing your product to consumers. Perhaps you’re pitching a new product line to your retail buyer or making appearances at multiple trade shows. Realistic, high quality packaging shows them you’re serious— if you have or haven’t hit mass production yet.

The Process of Packaging Mockups

The process starts by meeting with our team of packaging mechanics to discuss product and packaging design as well as your brand vision. You’ll work together reviewing dimensions, weight, and/or volume as well as to understand the detailed concept for how you want your packaging to look, or you may prefer to have our innovators of designers work their magic as far as the look and feel goes. Likewise, you may already have a well-defined brand identity or logo that needs to be included in your packaging (and if not, our team of innovators can collaborate with your team of industry experts to provide a unique identity that will represent your company and product line flawlessly). Our innovators will take as much information as your team can provide to translate your uniqueness across all packaging solutions.

Once our innovators have all the necessary information, they can produce agency quality mockups, in house, within a blink of an eye (a few days, typically). Expect this to be an iterative process, where your team and our innovators find small details that need to be fine-tuned. Once you’re pleased with the mock-ups, you can request a small run of one or more of the mock-ups (which we produce in house, helping with quality assurance and speed to meet those ever-pressing buyer deadlines), so you can judge your buyers/customers response.

Why Designsteins?

Here at Designsteins, we do much more than just create packaging mockups. We’re a full-service design agency building brands from start to finish. We can take your brand/product from initial ideation, to full-scale production, as well as see your brand through the online marketplace by providing dot com services such as web development, ad creation, product photography and videography. We specialize in ideation, brand development, retail display solutions, packaging mockups, design, dot com, web development and much more. Whatever branding and packaging needs you have, our team of experienced innovators can help.

Give us a call today and get started producing your next big packaging idea! 479-372-4350

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