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Stryker Crossbows by Bowtech

Bowtech, the leading Crossbow Manufacturer in the world, engaged Designsteins to develop a crossbow brand that would appeal to ages 16 – 25. Going off only the name “Stryker” we developed brand assets and packaging for an entire line – 35 products.

About Bowtech Crossbows

Headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, Bowtech employs over 300 team members. It is the parent company of industry leading brands including Diamond Archery, Stryker Crossbows, as well as Excalibur crossbows, based out of Kitchener, ON, Canada. This extensive network of companies gives Bowtech world class design expertise, and vast manufacturing ability.

Bowtech bows are made in America, by passionate employees who take pride in every step of the build process. From their in-house string facility, to high quality finish process. All to build the most advanced archery product known to man, with the quality and service you would expect.


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