Hello from Designsteins

Today marks an exciting day for Designsteins. We are officially introducing a new brand identity for the company.

While we are thrilled to showcase our new logo, appearance, and feel, our brand encompasses more than just those three adjectives. It’s the entirety from the services we offer, to how our organization engages with customers, to how customers and partners feel when they speak about our company.

We are progressing as a company and have made huge growth strides over the past year. From new services and leaders to an expanded office building and partnerships, we are continually evolving. And it was time for our brand to evolve, too.

What hasn’t altered is our mission. We’re ceaselessly dedicated to making it easy for clients to execute at the speed of retail, whether that’s in the big box stores, the world wide web, or even social media. It’s imperative that the significance and inescapabilty of this mission originate through with even further clearness while constructing our new logo.

So, let’s break down the whole enchilada.

As we stepped forward in our redesign, it was essential we pair our visual identity with our central mission. A successful brand delivers the connection between identity and assurance.

What qualities do we want our brand to embody?

  • Customer Focused: Our customers come first. Our new brand demonstrates our core values that we are a trusted, innovative partner, skilled in delivering quick turnaround services and products without sacrificing quality, or customer service.
  • Outside the Box Thinking: Since day one, we have been the experts in big ideas, the innovators of design, the mechanics of packaging, we are the dreamers and the doers. We needed our new brand to balance this history of the big ideas with a future created on sustained innovation.
  • Growth and Scale: Designsteins has grown quickly since our former brand was cultivated. With our new brand, we wanted to demonstrate the momentum and scale we’ve established around the nation.

The Method

So how did this all come together? We began by mapping out the core values our brand represents.

You may be thinking – how vital are words to forming a brand? For designers, they’re the foundation on which the entire rest of the brand is built.  So, the precise words are critical.

We knew we needed to land on the perfect words if we wanted our brand to symbolize who we are as a company.

After much deliberation and an extensive process of elimination, we chose:

  • Transparent
  • Reliable
  • Urgent
  • Sensible
  • Tireless

We then reminded ourselves the brand needed to embody our core product promises – innovation, quality, speed. These promises represent the guiding light of everything we build.

Finally, because our services can be used for a variety of different objectives, we outlined how our brand needed to transform and be adaptable depending on whether the target person for a service is needing brand development, packaging design, production of packaging, Dot Com services or the whole kit a caboodle.

Bringing All The Pieces Together

After thinking through our core mission, the growth of the company, our customers, and the values we stand for, it was time to bring all the pieces together.

So why did we decide on this new appearance?

  • First off – the mark is simple, yet effective.
  • The main font is modern and clean, while still being approachable. The secondary font is more innovative, and true to the nature of design.
  • By using a line, we’ve made the mark easily extendable. Scalable, if you will. The shape also reinforces our value proposition. The line can be used to connote quality and speed.
  • The use of our neon color palette elicits feelings of joy, playfulness, and confidence while making the brand more memorable. It gives a nod to the nostalgic decades of years gone by while tipping the hat to a modern, innovative, original future.

So, the new chapter begins, but we are just getting started. Now with this new foundation in place, we plan to introduce a new brand campaign in the coming months. We can’t wait to bring to life all the amazing ways we are helping our clients move at the speed of retail. Stay tuned!

So what do you think? We’d love to hear from you!

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