Flybar has some of the bestselling kid’s toys on the market, and when we were asked to concept, create, and manage the branding, video promotion, and package design for their new XL family bumper car – we were all in!

We were off to the races with the brand development that supported the photo and video shoot and crossed the finish line with dynamic package design and brand support that captivated the audience.

We were able to capture the influence of fast cars by focusing on a dynamic perspective from a spectator’s view. This unique viewpoint accelerated a brand look that set the pace for both photography and video, then applied to the package design.

With the finish line in view, it was a sprint to the end. We were able to make a strong move with the brand assets and lay out the course for high octane packaging. Allowing the photography to take the lead, the supporting elements helped establish a strong visual identity.

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